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Were you aware that 78 % of all small businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to attract new customers? Almost 35% of customers identify various new services, products, and brands via social media. When you focus on marketing via these social media platforms, it helps to strengthen your brand image.

Social media marketing can increase customer loyalty. Market research shows that 71% of consumers that received a quick response from a brand on social media would be proactive with recommending the brand to others.

In the digital age that we live in, 63% of consumers that search for products and services online are more likely to veer towards businesses with a strong and well-established social media presence.  Digital marketing gurus project an annual growth of 25% in social media marketing over the next five years.

All of these statistics indicate that if you aren’t already investing in social media, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Your company’s social media presence, when handled correctly, tells existing and potential consumers that your brand is active and you are focused on nurturing thriving communication with consumers. This is where you need the kind of expertise, versatility and knowledge that we bring to the table.

Social Media is a Crucial Component of

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At Identity Creative Group, we work with you to determine what your marketing goals are. Our social media marketing team will create a robust and effective campaign to help you maintain a solid presence on social media platforms.

Traditional marketing techniques, typically adopted by small businesses include dropping promotional fliers, brochures, letters, and other forms of marketing messages via mail, print, TV, and radio, etc. While these strategies have their place in an overall marketing strategy, they are all entirely one-sided communications, in which only the businesses have something to say.

By adopting social media marketing, you give customers the chance to interact with you, give feedback about products, and more. Modern day consumers are very aware and do not get swayed by flashy and glamorous marketing tactics. They want to be sure that the brand they opt for values their customers and is willing to communicate with them, answer questions, and address issues.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others allow you to do all this and more. This makes social media marketing one of the most effective modern-day branding techniques that can boost your standing in the digital space.

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Why You Need to Focus On Social Media

Here are some facts that highlight why social media is so unique:

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Having a social media presence without the right plan and strategy can be just as damaging to your business as no strategy at all. We at Identity Creative Group adopt a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content to attract as well retain your target audiences.

Our team works with you to determine your social media marketing needs and offers tailored solutions. Whether your goal is to attract new customers, launch a new season-specific campaign or increase your brand following, we are here to help. We will assign a dedicated media specialists who will handle every aspect of your campaign, such as:

Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy solutions give your brand an edge through strategic ROI modeling, data-driven analysis, as well as custom audience targeting. We will help you create a social media strategy that integrates perfectly with all your other digital marketing efforts, to drive your bottom line.

Social Media Content

Compelling, relevant, and consistent social media content helps establish strong connections with your targeted audiences. Our social media content solutions capture the essence of your business and brand through adaptive storytelling. This approach supercharges your fan following and engagement.

Social Media Advertising

The social media advertising services we craft help ensure that your brand messages reach your target audiences. From sales-driven social media advertising and fan acquisition ads to boosted posts, we mobilize existing and potential customers around your social media presence.

Social Media Management

These services give your brand a distinctive voice that forges long-term relationships with your customers. Our experts will build your social media audiences, manage your social media communities, and provide various customer service solutions leveraging social platforms.

Social Media Promotions

The social media promotion services we offer help motivate new and existing consumers to take action via your social media channels. Rewards programs, sweepstakes, and contests are just some of the promotions that can boost your presence and help you maintain a robust social media program.

Social Media Analytics

Our experts accurately measure the effectiveness of the social media marketing campaigns we have designed for you. Our team uses leading licensed software and native social media analytics to provide you with campaign-based or monthly analyses that unravel potential opportunities.

When you work with a reputable and proven social media marketing company like ours, you can rest assured that highly creative, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals are handling your campaign. We are committed to boosting your presence on social media, and our team manages every aspect of it.

This goes a long way in ensuring your brand gets the visibility it needs to find success in the highly competitive online space of today. We use highly effective and proven strategies to craft a campaign for our clients. If you want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to call Identity Creative Group today.

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